The Hague provides a cosmopolitan mix of regal allure, exotic vitality, historic grandeur and progressive development. The city centre shopping area offers a boundless wealth of shops, department stores, boutiques, concept stores and characterful cafés and restaurants. A wide scale of quality fashion, from trendy ready-to-wear to haute couture, is available to please every client’s desires. There’s also personal grooming for young and old, interior design for every budget and electronics to delight even the most obsessive techies. And that’s just the start!


The Hague’s main shopping area welcomes some 600,000 consumers every week, who come here to spend a substantial amount of their disposable income. This is conveniently facilitated through a large diversity of retail establishments and easy access to the city centre. Quickly reached underground parking facilities combined with a well-functioning public transport system are just some of the reasons The Hague was awarded Best City Centre in the Netherlands.
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